An Example Essay Plan for Hamlet

An Example Essay Plan for Hamlet

An Example Essay Plan for Hamlet
• Students often struggle to conceptualise a textual integrity essay, so we will look at an example essay plan.
• This is only ONE way to address this subject. There are LOTS of different textual integrity essays you could write.


Hamlet has textual integrity because its themes are exquisitely constructed by its dramatic structure and language techniques.

Paragraph 1: Genre

• Hamlet as Revenge Tragedy genre.
• Dramatic 5 Act Structure intensifies tragedy.

Paragraph 2: Characterisation

• Characterisation of Hamlet as a Renaissance Man.
• Wit and Wordplay.

Paragraph 3: Language

• The language of dilemma and madness.
• Feminine endings, em-dashed prose.
• Ophelia’s songs – speaks truth when mad.

Paragraph 4: Relationships

• Parent Child Relationships.
• Gertrude and Hamlet / Polonius and Ophelia.
• Link to Hamnet’s death and Shakespeare’s guilt.

Paragraph 5: Motif

• Motif of corruption and deception.
• Denmark and the Great Chain of Being.
• Rosencrantz & Guilderstern disloyalty.
• Antic disposition, the Players.

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