Creative Nonfiction | Critical Studies

Creative Nonfiction | Critical Studies

  • Creative Nonfiction

    There are many text-types associated with Non-fiction: the essay, the biography or memoir, travel writing, nature, writing…the list is extensive as Creative Nonfiction.

    To figure out how to analyse the structure, determine first what the text-type is. If it’s an essay, well, every Year 12 student should know the structure of an essay; analyse it according to introduction, body and conlusion rules. However for extended nonfiction like memoir or biography, it might be useful to apply the rules of novel structure.

  • Barbara Lounsberry

    You should also consider critic Barbara Lounsberry’s four criteria for creative nonfiction:

    1. Subject matter from the real world (rather than created by the imagination).
    2. Exhaustive research.
    3. The creation of ‘the scene’ – an immersion in the visual or experience.
    4. A fine or sophisticated ‘literary’ writing style.
  • Non-fiction structure

    The really interesting part of non-fiction structure is: how are the facts and opinions ascertained?

    Is there in-text referencing or a list of references at the end? Is the narrator a character in the text or is a third-person perspective used? What kind of literary techniques are used and how much do they elaborate on the real subject by using their imagination?

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