How Many Hours Should You Study in Year 11 and Year 12?

How many hours should you study in Year 11 and 12? Here is a piece of advice from Michael Gribben, Maths Tutor (ATAR 99.8)

During school term, I highly encourage you to establish a consistent pattern of study, say 2-3 hours per day. Ideally, you should study a similar amount in week 1 and week 8 or 9 when you have your exams and assignments. It will reduce your stress and help you to avoid late nights cramming.

It’s also important to measure how much you study in terms of what you actually learn rather than the number of hours you studied. One tip is to attempt past papers before revising and only going through topics you struggled with. This way, you don’t waste time studying content you already know.

With the HSC nearing, I encourage year 12 students to use the break between graduation and the exam period to cover as many past papers as possible. My advice is to attempt two (3hr) HSC past papers each day under timed conditions. Try to make each sitting as realistic as possible, removing all distractions and given giving yourself 5 minutes of reading time.

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