How to study effectively at Prime

Want to know how to study effectively at Prime? Here goes:

1.    Bring your school assessments, homework and report

We encourage you to ask questions and discuss your school materials and results with your teacher and tutor at Prime. This will help them identify areas for improvement and focus on these.. By knowing what your school is teaching the tutors can personalise/ individualise the teaching content.

2.    Set realistic goals, then make a plan to achieve them

You should set goals for your study at the start of each term. Make sure these goals are realistic and achievable. Discuss your goals with your teacher and tutor and make a plan on how to achieve them. Always remember to reflect on how you went and revise your plan at the end of each term.

Example goals that you could set:

  • Achieving time efficiency in solving maths problems- timing yourself on Saturday and increasing the number of questions you complete in an hour
  • Improving your English essay writing – reading books or analysing movies to collect material for your essays
  • For Preliminary and HSC students – completing your depth study could be a goal for the entire term!

3.    Schedule your day and don’t turn up to class feeling hungry or exhausted

You are not going to learn much if you sit in class with an empty stomach or are feeling sleepy. Eat some healthy food and try to avoid any sports or activities that may drain all your energy before tutoring. In order to learn how to study effectively at Prime, try not to pack too many things in one day!

4.    Revise both new and old topics regularly

Research shows that if you don’t practice within 24 hours, up to 50% can be forgotten. And learning a new topic with no practice within 72 hours can result in up to 90% of new material forgotten. Older topics should also be revised to help you to stay on track.

5.    Be prepared for your Saturday tuition

The Saturday session is yours. It’s the perfect time for you and your tutor to focus on the things you need the most help with, whether it’s your homework, assignment or upcoming exam. Think about what you want to do before you turn up to your Saturday sessions and be prepared. By the way, did we mention that you should be asking questions?

And don’t be afraid to ask questions!

It might seem obvious, but many of you don’t ask enough questions. Your teachers and tutors love to know what questions you have because that will make their job so much easier. There is no such a thing as a silly question. If you have any concerns or issues, talk to your tutor or come and see us. Remember, you are here to learn, and we are here to help you.

Hopefully, the above tips will be able to help you learn how to study effectively at Prime. For more tips from our teachers and tutors click here

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