This course is for current Year 10 students who will study Year 11 Maths Advanced course, and it will cover: 

  • Algebraic Techniques
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Functions

You’ll get: 

  • 9 weeks x 2 hour theory lessons 
  • Small size class (max.12 students) 
  • 8 weeks x 1 hour personalised tutorials (Weeks 2-9) 
  • Classes taught by top-ranked teachers 
  • Challenging workbooks, homework and weekly tests 
  • Feedback and progress report 

Total of 26 hours, just $40/hour 

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  • Course Content

    Prime’s Year 11 maths advanced tutoring course aims to help students to develop the skills necessary to excel in final high school years, and Term 4 will cover: 

    • Algebraic Techniques
    • Introduction to Functions
    • Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Functions
  • What You′ll Get

    Benefits of Prime’s Year 11 Maths Advanced tutoring course include: 

    • 9 weeks x 2 hour theory lessons – Master topics faster by learning them before school. 
    • Small size class (max. 12 students) – More individual attention. 
    • 8 weeks x 1 hour personalised tuition – Tailored to your specific needs. 
    • Engaging classes – Taught by top-ranked teachers. 
    • Challenging workbooks, homework & topic tests – Know content and reinforce understanding. 
    • End of term feedback and progress report – Track your progress and accomplish your goals
  • Class Structure

    • Homework Revision – Check for anything that’s been unclear or needs revisiting.
    • Topic Test – The only way to make sure that previous content is retained.
    • Theory Lesson – Learn key mathematical concepts with practical applications.
    • Questions? – Get answers before leaving the classroom.

Additional information


Wed, 13 Oct-8 Dec, 4:30pm-6:30pm, Sun, 17 Oct-12 Dec, 10:00am-12:00pm


Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,10.00am-11.00am, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,10.30am-11.30am, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,11.00am-12.00pm, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,11.30am-12.30pm, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,12.00pm-01.00pm, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,12.30pm-01.30pm, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,01.00pm-02.00pm, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,01.30pm-02.30pm, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,02.00pm-03.00pm, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,02.30pm-03.30pm, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,03.00pm-04.00pm, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,03.30pm-04.30pm, Sat, 23 Oct-11 Dec,04.00pm-05.00pm, Sun, 24 Oct-12 Dec,10.00am-11.00am, Sun, 24 Oct-12 Dec,10.30am-11.30am, Sun, 24 Oct-12 Dec,11.00am-12.00pm, Sun, 24 Oct-12 Dec,11.30am-12.30pm, Sun, 24 Oct-12 Dec,12.00pm-01.00pm, Sun, 24 Oct-12 Dec,12.30pm-01.30pm, Sun, 24 Oct-12 Dec,1.00pm-02.00pm

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