This Trial Exam Preparation course is designed to help students prepare for their Year 12 Maths Advanced HSC Trials. It includes:

  • Comprehensive revision
  • HSC identical exam practice
  • Exam marking and detailed feedback
  • Exam techniques

You’ll get:

  • Days 1, 2 &3 – revision of key topics
  • Day 4 – 3-hour HSC identical mock exam
  • Day 5 – exam review and detailed feedback
  • Small size class (max 12 students)
  • Lessons taught by top-ranked teachers
  • Exam marking and detailed feedback for improvement

Total of 11 hours, just $33/hour

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  • Course Content

    This 5-day holiday course is designed to help students prepare for their Maths Advanced trial exam and includes:

    • Comprehensive revision – Refresh your knowledge of the Syllabus
    • Challenging practice tests – Improve your accuracy and speed
    • HSC identical mock exam – Identify any gaps and improve your exam techniques
    • Marking and detailed feedback – Identify your weaknesses and receive detailed feedback for improvement
  • What You′ll Get

    The benefits of Prime’s Year 12 Maths Advanced Winter Holiday Course include:

    • 4 x 2-hour lessons plus 1 x 3-hour mock exam – HSC-style exam practice
    • Challenging practice papers  – HSC identical exams covering the Syllabus
    • Small size class (max 12 students) – More individual attention
    • Taught by top-ranked teachers – Learn from the best
  • Course Structure

    This 5-day HSC exam preparation course includes:

    • Day 1 to 3:  Comprehensive revision and exam practice
    • Day 4: 3 hours HSC identical exam to get yourself familiar with exam conditions; and
    • Day 5: Exam results with detailed feedback and recommendation for improvement.

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Mon-Fri, 4-8 Jul, 10:00am-12:00pm

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