This four-day Year 7 English Autumn Holiday Program will cover:

  • Textual analysis, and
  • Essay writing

You’ll get:

  • 4 days x 1.5 hours lessons
  • Small size class (max 12 students)
  • Classes taught by top-ranked tutor
  • Challenging workbooks with exam style questions

Total of 6 hours, just $40/hour

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  • Course Content

    Prime is offering Year 7 English Holiday Program this Autumn holiday.

    This four-day workshop will focus on textual analysis and essay writing. It will give students a guide to structuring their essays, tips on formal language and expression, a process for how to analyse and unpack HSC style question, and opportunity for individual feedback and critiques.

  • What You′ll Get

    The benefits of Prime’s Year 7 English Autumn Holiday Program include:

    • 4 days x 1.5 hour skill-based modules – HSC-style exam practice and theory
    • Challenging workbooks – Unseen texts and stimulus material to test your ability and maximising your exam results
    • Small size class (max 12 students) – More individual attention, and
    • Engaging classes – Taught by top-ranked tutor
  • Class Structure

    • Content Overview – Clear outcomes and expectations set
    • Theory Lesson – Grasp a firm understanding of concepts and techniques
    • Practice – Comprehension, writing and feedback to get up to speed
    • Questions? – Get answers before leaving the classroom

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Mon-Thu, 15 Apr-18 Apr, 11:45am-1:15pm

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