This four-day program will focus on the context of text. We will look at how context influences construction and interpretations, and work on evolving analysis to uncover the “big ideas” of literature.

You’ll get:

  • 4 days x 1.5 hours engaging theory lessons
  • Small size class (max 10 students)
  • Classes taught by top-ranked teacher
  • Challenging work booklets with exam style questions

Total of 6 hours, just $37/hour

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  • Course Content

    You’ve probably heard an English teacher talk about context. But you might still be wondering, what is context and why is it so important? In this four-day program we will look at the context of texts and how that influences their construction and interpretations. We will also work on evolving our analysis to uncover the “big ideas” of literature.

    • Day 1: Introducing context
    • Day 2: Context and big idea analysis
    • Day 3: Study paragraphs and essay
    • Day 4: Creative writing and reflection
  • What You′ll Get

    The benefits of Prime’s Years 7 English Winter Holiday Course include:

    • 4 days x 1.5-hour engaging theory lessons – Master topics faster by learning them before school
    • Challenging comprehension and writing tasks – Unseen texts and stimulus materials
    • Small size class (max 8 students) – More individual attention
    • Classes taught by top-ranked teachers – Learn from the best
  • Class Structure

    • Content Overview – Clear outcomes and expectations set
    • Theory Lesson – Grasp a firm understanding of concepts and techniques
    • Practice – Comprehension, writing and feedback to get up to speed
    • Questions? – Get answers before leaving the classroom

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Mon-Thu, 11-14 Jul, 9:45am-11:15am