Revenge Parent and Child Relationship Critical Studies HSC English

Revenge Parent Child Relationship HSC English

Revenge is a popular Elizabethan and Jacobean theme. Contrasts Medieval notions of revenge as ‘eye for an eye’ justice with Christian forgiveness and Humanist ethics ‘the right thing to do’. Through the motif of poison, Shakespeare shows us his notion of revenge – however justified it may be, it starts cycles that end in chaos and the death of innocents in Revenge Parent Child Relationship. The ghost does not seem a very pleasant character but Hamlet seems to hero-worship his father as Hyperion to a satyr. The ghost could be considered a selfish father – its desire for personal justice and revenge leads Hamlet to his downfall. Similarly, Polonius is beloved by his children but he treats them both very poorly. When Laertes returns to France, Polonius foolishly instructs his page to spread bad rumours about Laertes, in order to test if his son is behaving overseas, damaging Laertes’ reputation in the process.
Hamlet-Critical Studies-HSC-EnglishPolonius also insists that Ophelia break off her relationship with Hamlet for the sake of class status and Polonius’ reputation in court. Perhaps he is worrying about her reputation too, but then he uses Ophelia as bait to test Hamlet’s madness, which causes her much pain. Hamlet treats Gertrude with contempt and bizarre sexual references throughout the play, but Gertrude goes to lengths to protect her son, even after he has killed Polonius. Their relationship is characterised by the Oedipus Complex. Aside from Hamlet and Gertrude’s relationship, where a thankless son rails against a kind mother, most of the bad parents are mourned or revenged by their children. Hamlet avenges his father, Fortinbras avenges his father, Laertes avenges his father. Ophelia, who as a woman is unable to avenges her father through violence to others, follows the passive female paradigm and is violent to herself, she goes mad and commits suicide. Hope you enjoy this video lesson and please be aware that we have lots of variety of HSC English classes on Prime Education. Join us for your success!

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