Study Tips for HSC Exams

Nearing crunch time? Yes, we’re referring HSC exams. Our teachers and tutors wanted to each give you some tips toward getting the most out of your final preparation for HSC exams.

Martine Illing-Kelly, Physics Tutor (ATAR 99.10) – “For any questions (in Physics exams) that are worth 4 marks or more, plan your answer in the margin. If the question is an explain, justify, assess, evaluate etc, your planning should be brief dot points of your argument. If it is a calculation, this planning is a data list of your variables including conversion with SI units.”

Andrew King, Chemistry Tutor (Studying PhD in Chemistry) – “Underline key points in the question during the (Chemistry) exam. To reinforce the important parts that need to be answered.”

Heidi Liu, English and Maths Tutor, ATAR 99.90- “For English HSC exams, do the sections in order of what you find the easiest. Do not allow yourself to go over the 40 minute mark for any paper. Leave and come back if you have time. Try and build up a reserve of extra time for the harder sections – creatives!”

Michael Gribben, Maths Tutor (ATAR 99.65) – “Instead of completing questions in past (Maths) papers sequentially, answering Q11s from several different papers. Once you feel confident, move on and answer Q12s and so on. This way, you master easier questions quickly and can focus on harder questions towards the end.”

Martin Gossow, Maths Tutor (ATAR 98.9) – “Know what level you are at and practice the topics you struggle with rather than those you are already confident in. The syllabus outlines every topic and is a great way to determine your ability across the course.”

Tegan Schetrumpf, Head of English (Masters of Letters in English, Masters by Research in Arts)– “Take a walk after every hour of study. Fresh air is good for your brain and helps you concentrate.”

Stanley Luk, Maths Tutor, 2017 Top of the State in Maths Extension 2, ATAR 99.7-“For 2 unit and 3 unit Maths, going slowly but accurately is good, but not necessarily for 4 unit Maths. For 4 unit Maths, you want to finish the paper with 20 to 30 minutes remaining, but liberally skipping questions you can’t immediately solve. The strategy here is to do anything to maximise marks, this is by getting all the easy marks, even the ones in Q16.”

Rachel Gray, Maths Tutor, ATAR 98.9 – “I think obvious yet important exam tip is to complete past papers under exam conditions. This can help with stress management and highlight sections of work that needs to be revised.”

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