The Best Study Timetable

The Best Study Timetable is one that best helps you to fit your life things in. But you need to start somewhere….

A study timetable is so important to ensure you keep on top of not only your school work and revision, but it also allows you to schedule in time for exercise, resting and spending time with family or friends. The following steps will show you the best way to make a timetable and also how to use it properly.

  1. Start by writing up your normal school timetable with your classes and free periods.
  2. Add in any extra-curricular activities you have – sport, debating, music lessons, work or tutoring.
  3. Add in designated time for relaxation, exercise, reading, movie watching or any other hobbies you have. You may decide to use Friday afternoons as a chance to watch movies with your family or maybe Saturday mornings are the best time to catch up with friends.
  4. With any spare spots that you have, add in any study and revision that you do on a weekly basis. Try not to make your timetable too cluttered or busy, as it may be unrealistic. And it won’t be the best study timetable for you.

Here is an example timetable which is very similar to what I used in my HSC year.

The Best Study Timetable

You don’t have to use this timetable strictly, it’s just to help you monitor how much time you spend on each subject – don’t forget that all subjects will count equally. The timetable I used might not be the best study timetable for you, but by following the steps above you should be on your way to making that ideal one.

I still use a study timetable for University and if used properly they can be very useful. They help ensure that you’re doing enough study but ALSO that you’re not doing too much study. It’s important to remember to take time for other things – school is important but so are other things!

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